Faculty Development

Faculty are welcomed to identify opportunities beyond this list to fulfill the faculty annual report requirement, increase their awareness of diversity-related topics, and to continue their growth as allies and advocates for equity and justice.

  1. Stanford Medicine Bias and Sociocultural Awareness in Clinical Settings Modules
  2. IDIS 8401 Exploring Implicit Bias: [Audit enrollment; online asynchronous course] This two-week elective course will expose learners to implicit bias literature, introduce examples of how implicit bias may affect the clinical setting, and allow learners to apply gained knowledge through the development of an implicit bias intervention presentation. Read full syllabus here. To enroll please complete the following document.  
  3. Workshops/Events/Webinars: Available throughout the academic year. Please click here to join the SMHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion listserv for up-to-date information on training offerings.  

Upcoming Faculty Development Opportunities

The SMHS Center for Faculty Excellence

Please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at smhsodi@gwu.edu(link sends e-mail) for more information about professional development opportunities.


Harold Amos Medical Faculty Development Program


Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research

Download Office of Diversity and Inclusion Faculty Development Plan