Bias & Mistreatment Reporting

What is Bias?

The Office of Diversity, Equity & Community Engagement (ODECE) defines bias as acts that are characterized by some expression of favor for or against a particular group or individual because of their membership (or perceived membership) in that group. Bias incidents may range from acts that are considered offensive to actions that cause harm. 

What is Mistreatment? 

Per the Mistreatment Policy, SMHS defines mistreatment as behavior that shows disrespect towards a person or group that interferes with the work or learning environment. This behavior may be verbal (swearing, humiliation), emotional (neglect, a hostile environment), or physical (threats, physical harm). 

All SMHS faculty (including the MFA), staff, and students can use the ODECE Bias Incident Response and Reporting System. All SMHS incidents reported will be handled by the SMHS Office of Diversity & Inclusion and/or other needed parties. 

Resources for Reporting Bias - SMHS (students, faculty, and staff)

Resources for Reporting Mistreatment - SMHS Students

Resources for Reporting Bias or Mistreatment - Residents/Fellows

Resources for Reporting Bias or Mistreatment - MFA 

All MFA staff can report any issues or concerns regarding bias or mistreatment through Compliance360. When using Compliance360, please select the appropriate web form to report any incidents or concerns you have. 

Resources for Reporting Bias or Mistreatment - GW Hospital

"...Complaints of harassment or discrimination will be investigated promptly in an impartial and to the extent possible, confidential manner. If you feel you are being harrassed or discriminated against in violation of this policy by another employee, supervisor, manager, or third-party doing business with GW Hospital, you should immediately contact your supervisor, department director or Human Resources. In addition, if you observe harassment or discrimination by another employee, you should immediately report the incident to the individuals above. Appropriate action will also be taken in response to violations of this policy by any non-employee. Supervisor and managers have a duty to promptly report employee complaints and allegations of misconduct to Human Resources. Prompt notification of GW Hospital is essential to enforcing this policy. You will not be penalized in any way for reporting a harassment or discrimination incident."